Success Stories

I hired Emma to help me with career satisfaction.

From the get-go and throughout our work, and even after, I found Emma an open, compassionate person, with an abundance of positive energy and an inspiring, optimistic way of looking at the world.

She asked thoughtful questions, generated unique relevant ideas I hadn’t thought about, gently nudged me in new directions with different challenges, and encouraged me with the new things I was leaning into and a few difficulties I was experiencing along the way. She gave me a lot of great material to read and additional ideas to consider in between sessions.

As a result of working with Emma, from a personal wellness standpoint I feel more at ease and at peace with myself and feel confident going forward into this next phase of my life. I have also redesigned my work life and am optimistic about continuing to shape it in who knows what way. I’ve also actively dove into new art forms like improv and filmmaking that have been on my periphery but which I haven’t explored. Any of these 3 elements would have been worth the engagement alone, but all 3 together is pretty astounding and awesome to me!

Working with Emma has been a major turning point in my life – she helped reaffirm the positive qualities within me, activate some dormant parts of my spirit, and helped me be an active creator, whether through the relationships I want to create or the life I want to design and realize for myself.

Brian Callahan, Knowledge Manager, Washington, USA.

micheal hilton coachBefore hiring Emma, I was feeling lost and uncertain around what to do and who I wanted to work with in my coaching business.

Through our work together I got clarity on what my work in the world is and I began to see just how much I was holding myself back, which Emma coached me on to help me start moving forward and create what I really want.

Emma is fun, encouraging, saw my potential from day one and has an unwavering belief in me.

The impact of working with Emma has been that I successfully ran my first men’s retreat and workshop and I am changing and impacting the lives of the men I work with. She has empowered me to be more me, freed me up to live my life and to create a better relationship with my wife.

I would describe my experience of working with Emma as impactful and life-changing.

Thank you Emma!

Micheal Hilton, Coach and Men’s Retreat Leader, UK

I initially considered getting a coach for professional matters, because I was good at what I was doing, but that wasn’t enough.

I wanted to be great!!!

Over the course of the sessions we in fact barely discussed work and business but instead we went to the deepest level of things, we dived into what actually really matters.

She shifted my way to see the world and myself in the world and put in my hands invaluable tools that will help for the rest of my life.

Although we didn’t address business matters, the benefit of Emma’s coaching on the well being of my company is massive. I’m now happier and more successful than ever in every aspect of my life.

Thank you.

Thomas Dusseune, French Riviera Wedding & Event DJ


I have known Emma Holmes for over 10 years and had the opportunity to work with her on a variety of projects. As an entrepreneur and creative, I have reached points in time regularly where it has been necessary to reevaluate purpose and priority.

I decided to work with Emma in a coaching capacity, and over an intense 6 month period she was successful in helping me access areas of freedom, creativity and organisation that have enabled me to take my business, my career and my life to a new level.

Thank you Emma for everything you are doing to share more good in the world.

Nigel Ipinson-Fleming, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Life Coach

Emma was there for me, when I needed help building confidence to start my first business.

She took a deep interest, and went above and beyond to help guide me, and share her knowledge.

Our sessions were extremely valuable, and I would not have taken the first step if it wasn’t for her.

Anyone who is lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with her, you will not be disappointed.

Emma, thank you for your help and support when I needed it most. I am so grateful our paths crossed!

Chris Mac, DJ Tutor and Entrepreneur

Emma is a really perceptive and generous coach. I love the questions she asks, and her thoughtful suggestions for resources that challenge and develop your thinking. Working with her is stimulating and fun, and I would highly recommend her positive and enquiring approach!

Danielle Krage, speaker & coach

Emma is an amazing person and coach.

Through our conversation was able to show me a new way to view and analyse my current life and that of my dreams.

I am now making life decisions with more confidence.

Working with her, is exhilarating and highly motivating. Her ambition is incredible and infectious!

Dan R – Database Developer

A lot of things are different for me now. The easiest way to describe it is that mentally, things have changed for me on a fundamental level. As in, my perspective on life, what I can achieve, having more belief and confidence in myself, and managing the level of pressure I put on myself. Also, being in Emma’s company has helped a lot too. It makes a difference seeing for real someone who has taken all of that on board and is living the life they want, and chasing the dream. It’s infectious and instills confidence! Emma have a very positive aura around her!

Chris Standen, Surfer, Production Manager


I now have two 25 minute mixes that will be played on a local radio station during their Saturday night mix show! Thanks again for your help. I reflect on our conversation often and it remains helpful and inspiring!

James Maiga aka DJ Mega 1, DJ

Since starting to work with Emma I have unlocked a huge amount of stored up creativity and given that my work is in the creative world this has been an awesome process which is ongoing. I have found my coaching sessions with Emma to be a very creative collaboration which is always the way I love to work with anyone so this has been a natural and dynamic experience but most importantly an enjoyable and fun one.

Emma has a very deep and intelligent level of listening which enables her to help you tap into limiting beliefs and suppressed creative potential which once released has enormous benefits in lifestyle and in work, which as a self employed designer and artist I have found extremely helpful.

I have made incredible progress with many areas of my life including some that were unexpected and I would recommend Emma without hesitation to anyone who is ready to be deliberate and willing to push beyond their normal comfort zone to where the seriously good stuff is waiting for them.

Thank you Emma, my creative collaborator!

Andy Fry, artist & creative,
Kent, UK

Emma has helped me to see that what I’m doing with regards to my business is actually quite amazing. Turning around the way I see it from mundane to awesome.

Asking thoughtful questions and giving me useful suggestions, that were easy to put into practice and proved to be positive, also boosting my confidence.

Emma is genuine and really wants to help, she is fun with a capital F, inspiring and still down to earth. A very positive force, who has helped me to have more faith in myself, my abilities and the services I provide.

Thank You Emma-You Rock!

Amanda Salter, Space Maker
Somerset, UK

Coaching sessions with Emma have really helped to turn things around for me. I’ve become more focused, and am approaching life with a new outlook.

Emma is great at listening, and I feel like she really understands me. I thought when I started having sessions that they would be something I’d not enjoy as I knew work would be involved on my part, but I’ve found I look forward to them as I’m gaining so much.

After just a couple of coaching sessions with Emma I am noticing positive changes, and realising things about myself I didn’t previously know. I have committed to six months of sessions with Emma and I really can’t wait to see where I am in a few months time.

Thanks so much Emma.

Tamsin, Lettering Artist